The National Center for
Mediation Education

The National Center for Mediation Education (NCME) was founded in 1984 by Sarah Childs Grebe Ph.D.(deceased), Catherine Crockett, Esq. and Martin Kranitz, MA., as a private, nonprofit (501(c)3) organization. It was one of the first national nonprofit organizations established to provide mediation skills training in the area of separation and divorce.

The original intent of the organization was to provide mediation skills training following the Structured Mediation Model established by O. J. Coogler, Esq (deceased). Sarah, Cam and Martin all worked and trained around the country with Jim from 1980 to 1984. They decided that his work was too important to die with him in 1984, so they founded NCME to continue this important work.

Since 1984, NCME trainers have trained thousands of professionals and volunteers in mediation skills and techniques around the country and the Ukraine (2009). While the original focus of the organization was to provide separation and divorce mediation skills training around the country, the focus has expanded into the following areas:

  • Anger management for adults and students
  • Basic Facilitative 40-hour mediation training
  • Bullying in schools
  • Communictions skills building
  • Community mediation
  • Conflict resolution for college students
  • Conflict resolution training
  • Couples communication workshops
  • Domestic violence workshops
  • Elder mediation training
  • Family mediation training
  • Parent/teen communication workshops
  • Peer mediation for schools
  • Re-entry mediation for incarcerated individuals
  • Restorative Justice methods


NCME is pleased to announce a new program called CALM, The Community Problem-Solving Program of Frederick County under the direction of Kate Cullen.

This program offers Mediation, Facilitation and Restorative Justice methods to anyone in the Frederick County community. The program uses a co-mediation approach. It also offers various trainings as described above to Frederick County, Maryland.